The Lost 40

40-bar jig for 3 couples in a 4-couple longwise set

1-81C set, 1W turns to face out on bar 2. 1W followed by 1M cast below 2W, across set, below 3M and dance up to face 1st corners. (2C step up on 5-6)
9-16Set to corners and partner (hello-goodbye). End with 1W facing 3W, 1M facing 2M on own side.
17-226-bar opposing REELS passing RS to begin
23-241W & 3W, and 1M & 2M pass by RS.
25-32Dance the BOURREL for three couples.
33-40All CHASE clockwise halfway round; all turn partner RH halfway and twirl R to 2C,1C,3C.

Three Couple Bourrel

Bars 1-4: Top W (2W) and bottom M (3M) dance CCW halfway around the set to end M at the top facing down, W at the bottom facing up while top two M (1M & 2M) and the bottom two W (1W & 3W) set and turn BH with the person diagonally opposite, pivoting R at the end of the turn to finish in a line facing partner, W facing up, M facing down.

Bars 5-8: All set to partner and turn BH to own sides

Repeat having passed a couple

Devised by Janet McKernan in 2015 for the 40th Anniversary of the RSCDS Twin Cities Branch