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Local/Midwest area dancing

Scottish country dancing

Other Twin Cities folk/international dancing

Minnesota Scottish cultural organizations and events

  • Clann Tartan
    Scottish living history group.
  • Duluth Scottish Heritage Association
  • Minnesota Tartan Day
    Promotes and celebrates the nation-wide Tartan Day holiday, Scottish heritage in Minnesota, and the vital role that Scottish-Americans have played in our state. Also the home of the Scottish News in Minnesota newsletter.
  • Minnesota Scots
    A cooperative group representing many of the Scottish cultural organizations in Minnesota, including RSCDS.
  • Minnesota Scottish Fair and Highland Games
    Built on the legacy of the Macalester Scottish Country Fair, this event is now held in Eagan and takes place in mid-July.
  • St. Andrew’s Society of Minnesota
    A non-profit Scottish cultural, social, educational, and charitable organization.
  • Scottish American Center
    Dedicated to helping Minnesotans learn about Scottish and Scottish-American culture, connect with and celebrate their Scottish heritage.
  • Twin Cities Scottish Club
    A non-profit organization to promote Scottish culture, tradition, history and entertainment. They also host an occasional ceilidh dance.

SCD around the world

  • Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Web Site
    RSCDS Headquarters in Edinburgh maintains a web site with news, listings of RSCDS branches (called “local associations”) around the world, upcoming schools and events, information on books, music, and videos produced by the Society, and more.
  • Strathspey Server
    Trying to remember the name of that dance with the 3 couple poussette followed by rights and lefts? Planning a trip to Prague and wondering if there are any dance opportunities while you’re there? The strathspey server is a free, email-based bulletin board and a great way to get in touch with other Scottish country dancers around the world. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail message to Once subscribed, you’ll receive e-mail messages posted by other members and you can post your own or respond to other postings. A searchable archive of previously posted messages is available. The strathspey server web site also includes lots of other useful SCD info and links.
  • TAC
    The Teachers’ Association (Canada) web site provides information on the aims and services of an organization of Scottish country dance teachers from across North America and around the world.
  • The InterCity Scot
    An online newsletter of Scottish country dance groups, classes, and events around the world (most listings are for North America).
  • Grand Chain
    An extensive listing of Scottish country dance groups and their activities, as well as Scottish country dance bands. There are also many links to other useful SCD information on the Web.

SCD dances and music online

Where to buy SCD stuff online

Ghillies/Dance Shoes

  • Hullachan Pro:
    This is manufacturer of ergonomically-designed Scottish and Irish dance footwear. The site includes articles on how to properly fit dance shoes.
  • St. Andrew’s Shoemakers:
    This company is the descendent of James Senior’s, who were official supplier of Scottish country dance shoes to the RSCDS for many years. After James Senior died, the business was bought by this company.
  • Highland XPress: This Texas-based online store sells several different brands of ghillies.

Dance Books

Dance Music

Clothing and Accessories

NOTE: There are many companies that sell kilts and other Scottish dance clothing and accessories, and this list is not an attempt to be comprehensive. The businesses listed below are a few that are recommended by our branch costumer, Andi Helebrant, and/or other branch members. Please see the branch costume guidelines before purchasing anything for use at Twin Cities branch performances.

  • The Celtic Croft
    A Minnesota-based mail order company that is a good source for sporrans, belts, and other accessories at reasonable prices. They usually have a booth at local Scottish events like the MN Scottish Fair and Highland Games.
  • Moccasin House
    Good source for Minnetonka Moccasins, several styles of which are ideal for Renaissance Festival wear (remove fringes).

Miscellaneous useful links

    A repository of information about Scottish country dancing
  • Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary
    Primer on Scottish country dance basics, including types of musics, steps, formations, and more. Also includes some dance cribs.
  • Kilts and Tartan Made Easy
    A detailed, non-commercial, introductory guide for anyone thinking of wearing a kilt for the first time compiled by Nick Fiddes, the founder of Scotweb and governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority.
  • SCD Etiquette and Conventions
    Includes our own guide to surviving your first ball, including tips on how to prepare, what to wear, what to expect, and etiquette guidelines.
  • RSCDS Twin Cities Branch Costume Guidelines
    Descriptions, pictures, and other Information about costumes used for performances by the Twin Cities branch.