Guidelines for Young Dancers

The Young Dancer Guidelines have been established for children who have shown a keen interest in learning Scottish country dancing. The Branch recognizes that its vitality and future growth depend upon fostering the interests of youthful dancers.


To provide a safe and non-disruptive structure allowing children interested in Scottish country dancing to participate in Branch activities.

Young Dancer Qualifications

  • Be willing participants and sufficiently motivated
  • Be able to meet a minimum level of physical competencies to safely dance
  • Be able to comprehend and follow verbal instructions
  • Be able to accept feedback and recommended improvements as part of group instruction
  • Have an attention span sufficient for the period of instruction
  • Understand that they are subject to adult(s) responsible for them. Children under age 14 must have a designated adult present who will be responsible for them.
  • Understand the guidelines for young dancers


  • Everyone must understand that this is fundamentally an adult activity
  • Participants and teachers will not be expected to behave any differently than they would if young dancers were not present
  • Accommodation for young dancers will be made in the same way as for any other beginning dancers
  • All people in class need to behave in an appropriate and respectful fashion


Young dancers who are qualified to perform are treated as equals to all other qualified dancers. (Participation in performances by any individual is always at the discretion of the facilitator of that performance.)


Unless a specific rate for children has been set for a particular class or event, young dancer non-members will pay the same as any other non-member to participate in Branch classes or other events. Currently the rate for weekly Monday night classes is $5.

Future Directions

  • Classes specifically designed for children will be encouraged and supported, as consistent with the Purposes section of the Branch Bylaws. The Branch may provide or help to locate resources such as recorded music, a location for holding classes, descriptions of suitable dances and teaching techniques for children, teachers with experience in running children’s dance classes (need not be RSCDS certificated teachers), and help in any other way the resources of the Branch permit.
  • Once there are enough young dancers to form a set, the will Branch encourage performances by young dancers for young audiences.

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