Andrew’s Excel Reel

32-bar reel for 2 couples in a 4-couple longwise set

1-81C face 2C. 1W with 2W and at the same time 1M with 2M, turn RH and dance back-to-back.
9-161C and 2C dance back-to-back with partner and then turn RH and retain hands.
17-242C, followed by 1C lead down; 1C followed by 2C lead up, remaining in the center of the set.
25-321C cast while 2C dance up into first place. 1C dance a half figure of eight around the standing 2C. 1C cross RH to own sides.

Devised by Doug Schneider. The Excel Development Corporation of Minneapolis, headed by Andrew Berton, produces board games. This dance was intended to have the feel of four players on a board. Published in 1995 by the RSCDS Twin Cities Branch in 20 Years 20 Dances.