COVID Safety Policy

Here’s an update on what you can expect to see this fall as we return to a regular in-person class schedule at Tapestry:

  • Masks are required, and N95s are recommended when possible
  • There will be a sign-in sheet for every class
  • Everyone must show proof of vaccination every time when signing in
  • Proof of vaccination requirement extends to kids, i.e. kids too young to be vaccinated cannot attend practices this fall (this is Tapestry’s guideline)

Tapestry’s ventilation system for the studios is extremely good, which makes them relatively safe places to be indoors–the air is exchanged frequently so there is no buildup of particles in the air.  The hallway does not have that same air circulation, so Tapestry is discouraging everyone from spending time in the hallway.  Bringing a water bottle is encouraged!

Requiring everyone to show proof of vaccination check for every class/event is intended to be transparently fair to everyone (especially so that new dancers do not feel singled out in the requirement to show proof of vaccination). 
Thank you for being flexible as we navigate these ever-changing circumstances!

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