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Performance Participation Policy and Guidelines

All dancers who would like to perform with the branch at this year's Renaissance Festival or any subsequent performances during 2013-2014 should come to rehearsals. Our goal is to encourage and include all our members who wish to participate to do so. It's a lot of fun, and the money we earn helps keep our treasury full, which keeps our dues nominal.

Performance Participation: Basic Policy for Standard/Informal Situations

Most Branch performances are informal; this includes the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and Big Island.

Participation in the Renaissance Festival is the beginning of the Twin Cities Branch performance season. The perofrmance repertoire to be used during the following twelve months is learned in rehearslas prior to the Renaissance Festival. A dancer who wishes to dance with the Branch during the follwing year is expected to attend these sessions during which the repertoire is tuaght. However, participation as a dancer in perfomrances is ultimately at teh discretion of the rehearsal director(s). Dancers hoping to participate for the first time are urged to speak to the rehearsal director(s) as soon as possible about their readiness for performances. For Branch members who wish to participate in the Renaissance Festival but are unable to do so as a dancer, there are other opportunities available.

Rehearsal Attendance Policy

Performance Participation: Basic Policy for Formal Situations

Formal situations are defined as those where the dancers will appear upon a stage, such as the Festival of Nations, or at events such as weddings where a high standard of performance is desired.

Dancers must meet the requirements outlined in the basic policy for standard/informal performances (above). The following are additional requirements. It is typical for dancers to achieve this level of skill after having done Scottish country dancing for several years.

Non-Dancer Participation

Our goal is to encourage and include all our members who wish to dance at the Renaissance Festival, to do so. In reality, we recognize this is not always going to be possible; some are not interested in performing for an audience and some have not had enough experience. Branch members who are not dancing at the Renaissance Festival are encouraged to explore the option of participating in our performances as a non-dancer helper. Non-dancer helpers can add to the performance by interacting with the audience, marching in the parade, and joining the audience participation dance; and they can assist with carrying banners, getting water for the piper, etc. Please contact the RenFest committee chairs for more information.


Performance participants must provide their own costumes, which should fall reasonably within the branch costume guidelines. All costumes are subject to approval by the branch Wardrobe Master.


Re: Eligibility to Perform: Lara Friedman-Shedlov, e-mail: lfriedmanshedlov [at] or Chandi McCracken, email: chandi [at]

Re: General RenFest participation questions: Carol Mordorski (carol.mordorski [at]

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