Grand Ball 2023

No. Name Type Shape Publication
1 The Jubilee Jig J32 3/4L RSCDS Leaflets
2 The Dundee Whaler S32 4/4L Clowes: Ormskirk Mem.
3 The Whistling Wind R32 3/4L Goossen: RSCDS XXXVI
4 Kendall's Hornpipe J32 2/4L RSCDS Graded
5 The Ruby Wedding Strathspey S32 3/4L Charlton: Waratah Coll 2010
6 Catch the Wind R32 3/4L Butterfield: RSCDS XLV
7 Interval
8 Cutty Sark J32 3/4L RSCDS XL
9 Memories of Mary Ann S32 3/3L Stephens: RSCDS XLVII
10 Thornycroft R32 2/4L Goldring Graded 2
11 Light and Airy J32 3/4L Campbell: RSCDS IV
12 State of Grace S32 3/4L Wilson: Dances Online [San Francisco]
13 The Montgomeries' Rant R32 3/4L Castle Menzies (18C): RSCDS X
14 Interval
15 The Lady Wynd J32 3/4L Goldring Graded 2
16 The Swan and the Tay S32 3/3L Saunders: Perth 800
17 Crowcombe and Stogumber R32 3/4L Wallace: Dunsmuir
18 John Cass J32 5/5L Avery: RSCDS XLIX
19 Balquidder Strathspey S32 3/4L Rutherford: RSCDS XXIV
20 Mairi's Wedding R40 3/4L Cosh: 22 SCD
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