(Virtual) Monday Night Class

(Virtual) Monday Night Class

July 27, 2020

We'll be using the "Retro Act" of the current performance repertoire to talk about reels of 3, reels of 4, and some strategies for envisioning how to do them when no one else is around.  And then for fun, we'll risk set and link for 3 solo style - no one can tell which end of the line you're on, so of course you'll get it right!  Check out the performance rep portion of our website for preview directions and videos if you're a prepare-in-advance sort of person.

It is recommended that you assemble the following things for class:
  • 6 markers to mark the 6 positions in a 3 couple set
  • 3 items you can use as stationary "obstacles" to go around
  • at least one non-stationary obstacle you can blame when things gang aft agley (pets or family members work well)
  • a comforting beverage

Check email for Zoom link information or email info [at] rscds-twincities.org


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