(Virtual) Monday Night Class

(Virtual) Monday Night Class

August 24, 2020

Fer and Lara will guide you through a review some of our interval dances from the current performance repertoire and of those from the recent past. This will NOT be just for people who want to perform, nor will it be a Rehearsal.  We're using the performance repertoire to generate the dances we'll try to envision as we try to get in a little vaguely Scottish Country Dancing-like movement. If we do get a chance to resume rehearsals or performing at any point, maybe this will serve as a reminder/jump-start. Or maybe those of you who have never performed will satisfy your curiosity about the kind of dances we perform. Once we're done moving, we can talk about what it's like to perform or tell stories about That One Performance, OMG! for the edification/amusement of all. Or maybe we'll all just get sweaty wandering around seemingly aimlessly in our living rooms to some really awesome music.

Check email for Zoom link information or email info [at] rscds-twincities.org.


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