Monday Night Special: International Dancing

Monday Night Special: International Dancing

August 17, 2020

Fer Horn will pick some dances from her international folkdance repertoire that lend themselves to warming up, cooling down, and some bouncing around to fun music in the middle. Along the way, we'll learn some of the dance moves "vocabulary" that makes up non-Scottish dances the way "skip-change," "pas de basque," and "strathspey setting" make up Scottish Country Dancing. You can try a new style of dancing in a venue where no one other than your cat will judge your "spontaneous hyper-local variations," or I suppose you can hang out with a beer listening to very not-Scottish music while watching me jump around in my dining room.

If you've got shoes that let you pivot but not slip on your dancing surface, you might find them useful. And bring a scarf or handkerchief. Morris dancers, you can bring your hankies if you must, but only one! ;-)

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