TAC 2021 Virtual Summer School Silent Auction - Bidding is now closed

Winners will be notified by email soon with the payment link and how to arrange shipping of your item with the item donor, as well as any postage that may be required.

Thank you to all the donors and bidders for your generous support of TAC 2021 Virtual Summer School and the Silent Auction.

Alison Booz
TAC 2021 Virtual Silent Auction Coordinator

“Won’t You Join The Dance” Latest Bid: $15.00

Won't you join the dance?

A pristine, unused copy of the 1982 edition of Miss Milligan’s “Won’t You Join The Dance”. Though superseded by more recent RSCDS Manuals, this book is an important part of any teacher’s dance library. The owner was a dancer, not a teacher, and the book has not been used nor marked in any way. Excellent […]

A Cheeky Joke – Swinging Loose! Latest Bid: $45.00

Matted and framed artwork of three couples setting to each other. This is framed in lightweight acrylic, not glass. Not safe for display at the office due to rather revealing kilt swing. Size: 21” x 17”. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: Sarah Harriman and Torf

A Dance AND Tune Composed for You! Latest Bid: $295.00

One of a kind! Chris Ronald will devise a dance for you, accompanied by a tune composed by James Gray. Chris will devise a dance with the tempo, level of difficulty and any other characteristics the winning bidder desires. James will compose a suitable lead tune for the dance. James will also make a recording […]

Atlanta Branch Spring Workshop Latest Bid: $100.00

New! Starting bid now $100! The Atlanta Branch will welcome Tracey Applebee as workshop teacher with musicians, Mara Shea, Julie Gorka, and Tom Pixton. We will host a welcome dance on Friday evening, two sessions of classes on Saturday with a ball Saturday evening. There will be an after-party Saturday night and a brunch on […]

Burns Crystal Shot Glass Latest Bid: $30.00

This shot glass made by Burns Crystal Glass Ltd. is new in original packaging. Handcrafted in Scotland with a fireworks motif etched on the front, along with “Edinburgh Hogmanay 1998”. Might be a special year for someone! Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada or the US. Donated by: Kay Munn

Christmas Cookies Latest Bid: $150.00

NEW! THREE cookie boxes now available, so the top 3 bidders will win! Each year, TAC Staff Teacher, Geoffrey Selling, bakes an elaborate collection of 15 different types of Christmas cookies. The cookies represent the baking traditions of many countries and are beautiful, delicious and elegant. The purchaser of this certificate can redeem it for […]

Compose a Dance! Latest Bid: $130.00

Holly Boyd, RSCDS Montreal teacher, will write a dance for you – you can choose a jig/reel/strathspey or medley.  You can name it, or she will.  You may request a particular figure and she will try to comply. Donated by: Holly Boyd

Coronation Street Trivia Game Latest Bid: $15.00

How well do you know your Corrie in the 70s, 80s and 90s? This “trivial pursuit” type game is perfect for Corrie fans, or those who want to learn about classic Coronation Street. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada. Donated by Alison Booz

Crocheted Blanket Latest Bid: $55.00

This beautiful handmade crocheted blanket in pinks, green, yellow & blues with cream edging has stunning detail. Size 60″x48″ or 155cmx122cm (approx.). Donated by: Anonymous

Dr. Bonnie Henry COVID Tea Towel Latest Bid: $55.00

Dr. Bonnie Henry is the Provincial Health Officer in British Columbia, Canada. She became a bit of a celebrity during the early months of COVID-19 with her saying “Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe” after every health briefing to the media. This whimsical tea towel is the perfect Covid souvenir. Donated by: Fran Caruth

Elephant Family – Print of an Original Watercolour Latest Bid: $110.00

This majestic image of a group of elephants, titled “Family”, is a print of an original watercolour painted by JoAnn Repchuk. This 11”x14” print is suitable for framing and displaying in your home. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada. Donated by: JoAnn Repchuk

Forest Green Ghillie shirt Latest Bid: $30.00

This handsome Ghillie shirt (also known as the Jacobite shirt) is listed as size medium, although it is pretty big. Approx. measurements: length at centre back collar – 32 inches; chest, armpit to armpit – 25 inches; sleeve length, cuff to shoulder seam – 25 inches. This shirt features tucking down each sleeve and at […]

Four Plaid Napkins Latest Bid: $30.00

These red plaid napkins will liven up any table! Donated by: Fran Caruth

George S. Emmerson’s A Social History of Scottish Dance, signed by the author Latest Bid: $100.00

Emmerson Social History of SCD

This book is a social history of Scotland with dance as its central theme. The author examines the evidence of dance in the life of the Scots – in ritual, drama and recreation – from earliest times to the present (1972). He traces the influences of the Renaissance and the Reformation and examines the character […]

Glass Thistle Art Latest Bid: $40.00

Rectangular glass thistle art, similar to stained glass, but colours are layered rather than inserted. Size: 10 x 13 inches. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: Sarah Harriman and Torf

Handmade French Rolling Pin Latest Bid: $110.00

This beautiful Rosewood and Teak French rolling pin is approximately 13 inches long. Handmade by Ray in his workshop, the rolling pin includes an inlaid Celtic knot design. French rolling pins are easier to clean than classic rolling pins, as there are no edges where dough and flour can hide. Professional bakers tend to prefer French […]

Handmade Scotland Pen Latest Bid: $45.00

Custom made pen from Ray’s workshop. Featuring the National Flag of Scotland as well as a unicorn, the official animal of Scotland. This takes a standard ‘Parker’ style refill. Two pens available so the top two bidders will win. Bidder pays for shipping outside of the US. Donated by: Ray McEdward

Handmade Toy Elephant Latest Bid: $30.00

This sweet little fellow is handmade, sewn from flannel with polyester fiberfill stuffing and safety eyes.  In feng shui elephants represent strength, protection, wisdom, and good luck! Elephant wears a removable collar. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada. Donated by: JoAnn Repchuk

Heather and Thistles Latest Bid: $45.00

Two tea towels featuring heather and thistles: 100% linen tea towel “Scottish Thistle No. 2” by Linanne and an 100% linen tea towel “Thistles” by Linanne, featuring many varieties of thistle flowers bordered by several varieties of heather flowers. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: In Memory of Torf

Kilted Tartan Skirt Latest Bid: $25.00

This smart wool skirt – Red-Blue-Green with Black & Yellow Stripes has a 29” – 31” waist with buckle closing, 30” long, falls mid-calf. Size is UK size 12, made in Scotland. Free shipping in US, or in Canada after the border opens (border timing TBC). Donated by: Ellen Sears

Lochcarron Sash Latest Bid: $35.00

This lovely sash in Duncan tartan is 100% wool, made in Scotland. Has rosette tacked in, but can easily be taken off. Like new. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada or the US. Donated by: Kay Munn

MacKay Tartan Six-Gored Skirt Latest Bid: $20.00

This sweet wool MacKay tartan skirt has a 34.5” waist, with zipper and button closing, 24.5” long, slightly flared with overcast hem about 94” diameter, falls just below knee. Free shipping in US, or in Canada after the border opens (border timing TBC). Donated by: Ellen Sears

Majestic Stag Latest Bid: $25.00

100% cotton tea towel by Glen Appin titled Monarch of the Glen, featuring a majestic stag in the highlands. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: In Memory of Torf

Narrow Shot Silk skirt No bids yet!

This straight skirt is made of shot silk with magenta & black panels. Shot silk is fabric woven from warp and weft yarns of two or more colours, producing an iridescent appearance. New, never worn. Not suitable for dancing, it is too narrow. This skirt is 40” long with a 33” waist. Bidder pays for […]

Newfoundland Distillery Co. Seaweed Gin Latest Bid: $85.00

Seaweed Gin is made using seaweed (dulse) harvested from the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. Slightly salty, full of juniper, it is like being in an ocean mist, next to an herb garden and has a savoury taste. This gin was awarded a double gold medal at the 2018 San Francisco World Spirit Competition, a silver […]

Olympic Mittens Latest Bid: $45.00

You can own a pair of the iconic red and white Canadian Olympic mittens! These are warm and cozy for those cold winter days. Donated by: Fran Caruth

Pewter Hug Latest Bid: $50.00

Pewter Hug

Everyone needs a hug! This sweet little pewter hug will fit in your pocket, or its a great gift to thank someone special for being who they are and doing what they do. Size approx. 1 inch square. Two hugs available so the top two bidders will win! Inscribed with TAC -2021 (or whatever you […]

PG Tips tea cozy and tea towel Latest Bid: $40.00

This item is for tea lovers: A tea cozy made from a PG Tips golf towel. Green quilted interior, with black button at top. Size: 10” x 14” in diameter. Plus an 100% cotton tea towel featuring the PG Tips logo with a surrealist pyramid and teacup referencing the pyramid-shaped tea bags, typical of this […]

Plaid Scarf Latest Bid: $10.00

This blue, white and olive acrylic plaid scarf is cozy and soft. Gently used. Donated by: Alison Booz

Plaid skirt by Claire Charles Designs Latest Bid: $75.00

This pretty blue plaid Claire Charles skirt, made in Pitlochry, Scotland, has a 30” waist (approx..) and 34” length. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada. Donated by: Anonymous

RSCDS Patch Latest Bid: $15.00

This vintage sew-on patch features the RSCDS name around the perimeter, Scottish flag, and dancing couple. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: Anonymous

Salute to San Diego dance book Latest Bid: $35.00

A new book of dances that celebrate 45 years of Scottish Country Dancing in San Diego. Each of the dances is written by, or about, people associated with the San Diego Branch. There are 13 dances – 3 Jigs, 5 Reels and 5 Strathspeys. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada or the US. Two […]

Scots and Irish Latest Bid: $30.00

Two tea towels, Scottish and Irish themed: 100% linen tea towel by Linanne detailing famous Scots, on the theme “Wha’s Like Us”, and a linen/cotton blend tea towel by Coquette of Ireland, featuring the text of “An Irish Blessing.” Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: In Memory of Torf

Scottish Dancers print Latest Bid: $30.00

“Scottish Dancers” print by Elizabeth Ross of Edinburgh, Scotland. Born in 1930, she was educated in Ayr and Egypt. She was a self-taught artist and most of her work was done in the Scottish Highlands. Size is 11″X14″. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada or the US. Donated by: RSCDS Tucson Branch

Scottish Lore and Folklore Latest Bid: $35.00

This selection of Poetry, Rhymes, Tales and Prose was compiled by Ronald MacDonald Douglas. Presents the legends and lore of Scotland, including shields and badges of the clans, and information on historic battles, poetry, humour, tales, and proverbs.  Copyright 1982. Used, very good condition, with dust cover. Free shipping in US, or in Canada after […]

Sheep! Latest Bid: $65.00

Two sheep-themed tea towels: 100% linen tea towel “Katrina’s Flock” by National Trust of Scotland and an Irish Linen tea towel “Baa-Baa” by Ulster Weavers. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: In Memory of Torf

Silver Thistle Brooch Latest Bid: $30.00

This petite silver thistle-shaped brooch is 1 inch tall. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: Anonymous

Stained Glass Thistle Latest Bid: $45.00

Here’s a sweet oval-shaped stained glass thistle that would sparkle in your window. Size: 7.5” x 10”. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: Sarah Harriman and Torf

Sterling Double Thistle Brooch Latest Bid: $55.00

This sterling silver double-headed thistle brooch is set with two citrine cairngorm gemstones. These gems are known as cairngorm because they are found in the Cairngorm Mountains of Scotland. Brooch is 1.25 inches long. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: Anonymous

Suede Handbag Latest Bid: $50.00

This Suede bag is large enough for your wallet, keys and phone PLUS your dance shoes and water bottle. Approximate dimensions: 15 inches long x 6 inches wide x 10 inches tall from base of strap to bottom of bag. Bag includes a small zippered section and a zippered divider. Bidder pays for shipping. Donated […]

TACBooks $30 Gift Certificate Latest Bid: $35.00

Do you need to add some dance books to your SCD library? “Shop ‘til you drop”, starting with this $30 CAD gift certificate to TACBooks. Two gift certificates available, so top two bidders will win. Donated by: Noel Chavez

Tartan/Plaid Silk Skirt Latest Bid: $55.00

This beautiful tartan/plaid silk skirt would be perfect to wear to a Ball. It is size 12 (small), fully lined by Marion Donaldson. Bidder pays for shipping. Donated by: Anonymous

The Tullich Collection CD Latest Bid: $35.00

Colin Dewar Trio’s CD includes a selection of 15 jigs, reels and strathspeys. New, never played. Bidder pays for shipping outside of Canada Donated by: Anonymous

Thistle Cookie Stamp Latest Bid: $35.00

A 2″ round terra cotta shortbread stamp with a thistle design. Super cute for shortbread or other simple cookie doughs. Designed and hand-carved by Robin Rycraft. https://rycraft.com/ Bidder pays for shipping outside of the US. Donated by: Marjorie McLaughlin

Thurston and Milligan books Latest Bid: $15.00

Thurston & Milligan

These two books are “classics” in the Scottish Dancing world. Hugh Thurston’s Scotland’s Dances & Jean Milligan’s Won’t You Join the Dance are important books to have in your dancing collection, whether you are a newer dancer or seasoned teacher. Donated by: Anonymous

Thurston, Cosh and McConachie books Latest Bid: $20.00

Hugh Thurston’s 1954 Scotland’s Dances takes a careful analytical approach to the history of dancing in Scotland. It presents information in meticulous detail, listing the sources of dances popular at the time. Finally, the book covers the whole gamut of Scottish dancing, from reels, Highland dances, and Hebridean dances to country dances. James Cosh’s book […]

Unicorn! Latest Bid: $25.00

This 100% linen tea towel features a stylized unicorn in a field of purple thistles and white roses. Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: In Memory of Torf

Virtual Fiddle Concert Latest Bid: $60.00

Enjoy up to 45 minutes of unaccompanied virtual Scottish fiddling for your virtual event, played by Peggy Garrigues. Peggy has won several regional Scottish fiddle competitions, and placed as high as 4th in US National Scottish FIRE competition. She has also played with other musicians for several Scottish balls, and as a musician for one […]

Wha’s Like Us Latest Bid: $20.00

Two Scottish-themed tea towels: 100% cotton tea towel featuring haggis-related text and images, designed by Harry Butterworth and an 100% cotton tea towel by Glen Appin featuring famous Scots on the theme of “Wha’s Like Us.”  Bidder pays for any shipping. Donated by: In Memory of Torf

Wild Eagle First Nations Purse Latest Bid: $20.00

This small purse decorated with a Wild Eagle First Nations design would be handy if you only needed to carry a few items with you. Donated by: Fran Caruth