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Membership in the RSCDS - Twin Cities Branch is currently open to individuals age twelve and older (members must be 18 to hold governance positions). Participation in Branch classes and activities (other than those offered specifically for children) is open to younger dancers under the terms of our policy and guidelines for young dancers.

Membership offers the following benefits:
  • Affiliation with an international organization with branches almost every continent
  • Free classes and other events including most social dances
  • Members may also join our rscds-twincities Google group to receive e-mail announcements, view archived messages, and get access to files like the membership roster.
  • Scottish Country Dancer Magazine, published twice a year by RSCDS Headquarters and mailed directly to you.
  • Access to the members-only section of the main RSCDS web site
  • Discounts for many of the workshops, summer schools and balls sponsored by RSCDS branches around the world.
  • The knowledge that you are supporting the only organization in the world with a mission to preserve and promote the art of Scottish country dancing

Two Ways to Join:

  1. Fill out the online form and either mail/bring in a check or pay online using PayPal (use the links form the online form)
  2. Print and fill out a paper membership form and mail or bring to class.
Current Annual Membership Fees (as of May 2019):
Household$130 for the first 2 members
$40 for each additional member
The membership year goes from July through June. New members joining the branch after January 1st are offered a pro-rated membership rate. Contact the treasurer for details.
*While we feel that membership in the RSCDS Twin Cities Branch is an outstanding value, we don't want membership dues to be a barrier to anyone interested in learning and participating in Scottish country dance. "Low-income" is a self-identified category. Applicants are not required to supply any information on their income. Installment plans are also available if paying dues in a lump sum is a hardship.

Sponsor A Member
If you are in a position to help someone else who may be financially challenged to become a member of the Branch, please add a donation on the online or printable membership forms. A donation of as little as $5 can make a difference. You may sponsor a specific person or simply make a general donation for the purpose of subsidizing membership dues.

Need A Sponsor?
We don't want to turn enthusiastic dancers away. If you find yourself in need of assistance with paying membership dues, please contact the branch chair.

The RSCDS Twin Cities Branch is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization. See also the branch Bylaws for additional information on the structure and policies of the organization.

How Are Membership Dollars Spent?
Here are some of the major ways we spend annual dues to provide benefits to members:

  • A portion of every membership goes to RSCDS Headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland to pay for the work of the organization.
  • A portion of every membership is specifically earmarked for the teaching fund
  • Rental of space for classes and social dances
  • Music: Hiring musicians and/or purchasing recorded music and related equipment
  • Administration: Copying, postage, insurance, supplies, web site hosting, and other miscellaneous expenses

Does the Organization Have Other Sources of Income?

  • Income from performances supplements annual dues significantly.
  • Some events, such as our grand ball and fàilte ball, are paid for by sale of tickets or admission fees. These events usually break even or are subsidized slightly by general branch funds.
  • Occasionally we have fundraisers such as raffles, auctions, and jumble sales.

Contact the branch treasurer, Maggie Voth, e-mail: registrar [at]

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