RSCDS Twin Cities Branch 40th Annual Ball
A Mad Hatter Tea Party!
16 April 2016


Dance music by The Parcel of Rogues
(fiddler Calum Pasqua and pianist Susie Petrov)
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The Parcel of Rogues, Calum Pasqua and Susie Petrov, are two old friends who met doing Scottish Country dancing and who now come together to share their love of Scottish music. Between them, they have some 80+ years of dancing experience! They have produced two cds: In Conversation and music for dancing, That Pinewoods Sound.

Calum Pasqua hales from Brooklyn and has the distinction of being the first American to win the Glenfiddich Invitational Fiddle Championship at Blair Castle in Scotland. His humble, yet beautiful playing created quite a stir on that October afternoon in 2008. He started dancing at a young age, accompanying his Dundonian mother to New York Branch events.

Susie Petrov makes her home outside of Boston and yes, she has been performing Scottish music across the USA, Canada and in Europe since Calum was in grade school! She has taught Scottish Country dancing and dance teaching to enthusiasts in Europe, Canada and across the USA.

By day, the band members work as public school music teachers. Calum is a high school orchestra teacher and Susie teaches young people to sing and dance. They also give workshops and have performed at music and dance camps such as St Andrews, Scotland, Pinewoods Dance Camp, the Boston Harbor Fiddle School, Jink and Diddle Fiddle School and the New Harmony, Indiana Music Festival and School.

The Parcel of Rogues inspires dancers with a repertoire of Scottish music that ranges from the joyfully exuberant to the deeply soulful. As they do so, they are always mindful of the need to uplift the dance and enhance the movement.

Calum Pasqua and Susie Petrov at Blair Castle in 2008

Schedule of Events:
Saturday, 16 April
Music Workshop for Dancers and Musicians Musicians, have you ever wanted to try playing for Scottish dancing? Dancers, have you ever wondered what goes in to making strict tempo music for Scottish dancing? Susie Petrov has been a dancer, certificated teacher and musician for Scottish dance for many years. Calum Pasqua danced before he was born and has been playing Scottish music seriously since 2008. Together, they will create a safe and enjoyable place for dancers and new musicians to interact. In the first hour, Calum will help people become comfortable with a selection of tunes and Susie will challenge the dancers' ears and perceptive abilities. When the groups come together for the second hour, musicians will play for the dancers. Everyone will have the opportunity to experience the feeling of community created when musicians and dancers come together for fun and sociable gatherings.

If you have any questions, or if you would like to get the tunes in advance, please contact Susie at susiepetrov [at]

Howe Campus of Hiawatha Elementary School
3733 43rd Avenue S., Minneapolis

Ball Practice Time TBA, Murzyn Hall,
530 Mill Street NE, Columbia Heights

Grand Ball
Murzyn Hall
530 Mill Street NE, Columbia Heights

Schedule TBA

There will be a silent auction as a fundraiser to subsidize the cost of the ball weekend. If you have items (or service) to donate, please contact Nathan Wilkowski (odhaerir [at]

After-Glow Party There will be a party following the ball at the home of Dan and Lara Friedman~Shedlov. Directions available at the ball.
Sunday, 17 April

Please join us for a potluck brunch, beginning at 10:30am at the home of a branch member Directions available at the ball.


Coming soon!

Ball registrar: Tom Harries, e-mail: registrar [at]


Hospitality may be available for out of town guests in the homes of local dancers. Please indicate your needs on the registration form


Anthea Potter, e-mail: anthea [at]

Grand Ball Program:

Coming Soon!

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