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2018/2019 Performance Repertoire

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NOTE: All 3-couple dances will be performed in 3-couple sets. 2-couple dances will be performed in either 2-couple or 4-couple sets. Video links provide a general idea only, and do show some mistakes.
Two-Couple Act:
Guidman of Balangigh 32 J 2C RSCDS 30
The Clansman 32 R 2C RSCDS 32 Video (starting at 3:48)
Scottish Reform 32 J 2C RSCDS 3 Video
3-Couple Act:
The Cranberry Tart 32 J 3C Glasspool/7-Year Itch Video (starting at 8:30)
The Meridan Cross 32 S 3C Var. of Mercat Cross, Dunedin 3
Sprig of Ivy 32 R 3C Whetherly 22
Retro Act:
The Hollin Bus 32 J 2C RSCDS 24 Video
Wind on Loch Fyne 32 S 3C triangle Dickson/Dunedin 1 Video
Reinventing the Wheel 32 R 3C triangle McKernan
Interval Dance:
In the Buff    32S+32R

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