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2019-2020 Board Members
Chair: Nathan Wilkowski odhaerir [at]
Vice-Chair: Katie Brady katfdbrad [at]
Secretary: Fer Horn secretary [at]
Treasurer: Maggie Voth registrar [at]
Members at Large:
 Bill Browndrbillbrown [at]
 Katie Furrkatie.furr [at]
 Kevin Geraghtykevingeraghty [at]
 Tiffany Stoeketiffany [at]
Teachers' Committee Representative: Chandi McCracken-Holm chandi.mccracken1 [at]
Contact the Board: board [at]


2019-2020 Active Teachers:
Dan Friedman~Shedlov friedmanshedlov [at]
Lara Friedman~Shedlov lfriedmanshedlov [at]
Chandi McCracken-Holm chandi.mccracken1 [at]
Janet McKernan jamckern [at]

Other Contacts

Music Coordinator: Helen Grant helengrant17 [at]
Musicians should contact music coordinator for information on playing for Branch socials and performances.

Performance Coordinators: Hannah Wells
Meg Newswanger
performances [at]
Contact the performance coordinator if you are interested in scheduling a performance or if you need information about a particular performance.

Mistress of Wardrobe: Andi Helebrant argea16 [at]
Contact the wardrobe mistress if you are make a new costume or making changes to an old one, or if you have any questions about the costume guidelines. The wardrobe master/mistress can also provide costume patterns and refer you to places to buy costume pieces or to people who can sew them for you.

2019 Renaissance Festival Committee Co-Chairs: Bill Brown
Sharon Stephens
drbillbrown [at]
sharonstephens [at] 
If you have questions about plans for or participation in the branch's performances at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, contact a RenFest Committee Co-Chair.

2018 Fàilte Ball Chairs: Angie McCracken
Miriam Strahn
smile4ang [at]
miriam.lablady [at]
Contact the ball chair for questions or to volunteer to help out with the 2018 Fàilte Ball.

2019 Annual Grand Ball Chair: Daniel Beal debeal [at]
Contact the ball chair for questions or to volunteer to help out with the 2019 Annual Grand Ball.

Communications Coordinator: Lara Friedman~Shedlov info [at]
Branch Historian: Lara Friedman~Shedlov info [at]
Social Coordinator: Angie McCracken smile4ang [at]
Sunshine Committee: Helen Grant
Tom Harries
helengrant17 [at]
TomHarries [at]
Reach out to this committee if it would be appropriate for the branch to reach out to you or someone you know of in the branch who may be in need of sympathy, assistance, or recognition.

Current Branch Members

Current Branch members are listed in the membership roster available to members from the Branch Google Drive. (Login required)


Thistledown is the band that plays for us a lot.

Sherry Ladig ladig-dunquin [at]

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