RSCDS Twin Cities Branch 26th Annual Grand Ball Saturday, 23 February 2002

Previous Balls: 1999 | 2000 | 2001

Time: 6:00 p.m. -- Reception
7:00 p.m. -- Dinner
8:00 p.m. -- Grand March and Dancing
Place: Triune Masonic Hall
1898 Iglehart, St. Paul, MN
(on the corner of Iglehart and Howell)
Music: Thistledown: Anne Benson (flute, hammer dulcimer, and accordian), Sherry Ladig (piano), Pat O'Loughlin (concertina), and Ken Steffenson (fiddle and assorted other stringed instruments)
Tickets: Dinner and Dancing -- $38.00
Dinner and 3 Dances only -- $30.00
Dancing only -- $25.00
A registration form is available online.
For information contact Jerry Corwin or Hazel Shirley, Ball Co-Chairs:
e-mail: (Jerry) or (Hazel)
Accommodations: Hospitality is available for out of town guests.
Other Activities: A walk-through of ball dances will take place on the day of the ball from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Tapestry Folkdance Center.
There will be a potluck after-ball party at the home of Jerry Corwin.
There will be a potluck brunch on Sunday morning starting at 10am at the home of Lara and Dan Friedman-Shedlov.
Maps and other details on the after-ball party and brunch will be available at the ball.
Come Let Us Dance 8x32 R Strathtay Album (variation)
Earl of Northampton 8x32 S Boston Celebrate 50
Dancing Shadows 8x40 R McKay
Wave Tossed Sands 8x32 S Southern Cross
Spiffin' 5x32 J Quarrie et al.
The White Cockade 8x32 R RSCDS 5
Ebb and Flow 8x32 S New Friends
Wicked Willy 4x32 R Bicentennial
Willie with his Tartan Trews 8x40 J RSCDS 14
Tarry a While 8x32 J RSCDS Graded
Dundee Whaler 4x32 S Ormskirk
Westminster Reel 8x32 R London Jubilee
Silver Tassie 8x32 S RSCDS Leaflet
The Cuddy 8x32 J Dunedin 1
Aird of Coigach 4x48 J Imperial 3
Sauchie Haugh 8x32 S RSCDS Leaflet
Irish Rover 8x32 R Cosh
The Hunting Horn 8x32 J McBryde/Scottish Dance Archives

Come Let Us Dance

32R 3C Strathtay Album (variation)
1-8 1C & 2C rights & lefts
9-16 1C & 3C double figure 8 (1C dance down to begin, 3C cast up to begin)
17-24 1C, 2C, 3C promenade
25-28 1C cast off 1 place (2C step up); All three couples set.
29-32 1C, 2C, 3C back to back

Earl of Northhampton

32 S 2C Boston Celebrate 50
1-8 1C & 2C set & link, then circle 4 hands round to the left
9-16 2C & 1C back to back, then turn partners BH ready for
17-24 2C & 1C allemande. On bars 23-24 instead of retiring turn RH once around and stay in the middle ready for
25-32 1C & 2C dance the knot

Dancing Shadows

40 R 3C McKay
1-8 1C, 2C, 3C mirror reels of 3 on the sides, 1C dancing in and down to begin. Finish reel with 2C dancing up to first place and 1C joining right hands for
9-16 1C lead down middle and back to finish in center of set with 1W in front of 1M facing top of set ready for
17-24 Double switchback reels of 3. 1C reels with 2M & 3W. Begin reel with 1W leading 1M for bars 17-18 out top of set, give LS to 2M. Then 1M takes over lead for 19-22, 1W takes lead for 23-24 to finish facing 2W ready for
25-32 Double switchback reels of 3: 1C reels with 2W & 3M. Begin reel with 1W leading 1M for bars 25-26 out top of set, give RS to 2W. Then 1M takes over lead for 27-30, 1W takes lead for 31-32. 1C finish on own sides in the center of the set
33-36 2W, 1W, 3W dance RH across while 2M, 1M, 3M dance LH across
37-40 1C nearer hands joined cast out the top and into 2nd place own sides

Wave-Tossed Sands

32 S 3C Southern Cross Album
1-8 1C & 2C diamond poussette
9-12 1C turn RH once round in 2 bars and cast to 2nd place
13-16 1W half figure 8 round 3M, while 1M half figure 8 round 2W
17-20 Half reels of 3 across, 1W with 2C (1W & 2W pass RS), 1M with 3C (1M & 3M pass RS)
21-24 Half reels of 3 across, 1W with 3C (1W & 3W pass RS), 1M with 2C (1M & 2M pass RS)
25-28 2C, 1C, 3C advance 1 step, retire, advance, retire
29-32 1C turn BH 1 1/2 times


32 J 5C square Quarrie, et al.
1-8 Center couple (5C) dance LS parallel reels of three with 1C & 3C
9-12 Center couple dance teapots with the side couple next to them (5W & 2C RH across, 5M & 4C LH across). Center couple meet giving nearer hands on bar 12 .
13-16 Center couple dance between 1C, divide and cast away from each other around 1C to meet in the center of the set
17-20 Center couple dance teapots with the side couple next to them (5W & 2C LH across, 5M & 4C RH across). Center couple meet on bar 20.
21-24 Center couple dance between 3C, divide and cast away from each other around 3C to meet in the center of the set facing 1C.
25-28 Center couple Tulloch turn in the middle and finish facing 1C (woman on the right)
29-32 Center couple and 1C set, dance LH across halfway to finish with 5C in 1C's place and a new center couple facing 2C (the next couple clockwise) to begin the next repetition with a new orientation (women on right)

The White Cockade

32 R 3C RSCDS 5
1-8 1C, 2C, 3C Set, cross giving RH, set and cross back by RH to original places
9-16 1C lead down middle and up to top place in middle of dance
17-20 1C cast to 2nd place, (2C stepping up on 19-20)
21-24 1C & 3C dance four hands round to left
25-32 2C,1C dance rights & lefts

Ebb and Flow

32 S 3C New Friends
1-8 1C cast to 2nd place (2C step up). 1C turn RH 1 1/2 times to opposite sides.
9-16 RS reels of 3 on the sides: 1W with men 1M with women. 1C pass first corner by RS to begin
17-20 2C & 3C right hands across. Meanwhile 1C dance around 1st corner positions, passing by RS to end 1W between 2C facing down and 1M between 3C facing up.
21-24 1C, 2C, 3C advance for one step, retire for one step, and set
25-28 2C & 3C LH across. Meanwhile 1C cast pulling RS back to end in 2nd place on own sides of dance.
29-32 1C, 2C, 3C advance for one step, retire for one step, and set.

Wicked Willy

32 R 4C Bicentennial
1-4 1C & 4C cross RH and cast towards the middle.
5-8 Middles (1C & 4C) dance half fig 8 around the ends (1C cross up, 4C cross down). Finish with 1C & 4C back-to-back in the center facing out diagonally to the 2C & 3C (all are facing the same sex, i.e. the same person you just danced around).
9-16 1C & 4C hello-goodbye setting halfway around.
17-20 All turn the person they face RH (4C turn 2C, 1C turn 3C, all are turning opposite sex).
21-24 4C & 1C (middles couples) dance LH across to end on opposite sides in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.
25-28 Bottom 2 couples (1C & 3C) half rights & lefts
29-32 Middle two couples (4C & 3C) half rights and lefts

Willie With His Tartan Trews

40 J 3C RSCDS 14
1-16 1C crossover reels of three with 2C & 3C
17-24 1C lead down, cross over below 2C, dance down behind 3C, lead up to top and cast off one place to face 1st corner
25-32 1C set to and turn corners finishing between them
33-40 2C, 1C, 3C advance & retire (hands joined), 1C turn 1 1/2 times to own sides 2nd place

Tarry a While

32 J 2C RSCDS Graded
1-8 1M & 2W turn RH for 4 bars, then back by LH for 4 bars.
9-16 1W & 2M repeat, finish by giving RH to partners to form a line
17-20 1C & 2C balance in line using 4 pas de basque
21-24 1W & 2M turn LH to face partners
25-32 1C & 2C poussette

The Dundee Whaler

32 S 4C Ormskirk
1-8 2C and 4C petronella to opposite sides
9-16 1C with 2C, 3C with 4C dance a ladies chain
17-24 1C & 3C petronella to opposite sides
25-32 Diagonal Crossing:
25-26: 1W & 2M cross LH
27-28: 1M with 2W, 1W with 3W cross RH
29-30: 1M with 3M, 1W with 4M cross LH
31-32: 1M and 4W cross RH.

Westminster Reel

32 R 2C London Jubilee
1-4 1M and 2W turn RH once round
5-8 1W and 2M turn RH 1 1/2 times to face partners
9-16 1C & 2C diagonal reel of four. Finish in original places.
17-24 Set and Rotate: 1C & 2C face in diagonally and set (2 bars). Pull RS back and chase clockwise one place to face partners up and down the set (2 bars). Change place with partner with RH (2 bars). Chase clockwise one place further (2 bars).
25-32 1C & 2C rights and lefts

Silver Tassie

32 S 3C RSCDS Leaflet
1-8 1C, 2C, 3C cross RH and set on side with hands joined. Repeat back to place.
9-16 1C & 3C dance double figures of 8 around 2C (1C cross down, 3C cast up to begin)
17-24 1C followed by 2C and 3C dance down for 4, 1C dances up (2C & 3C divide and meet behind 1C)
25-32 1C & 2C rondel

The Cuddy

32 J 3C Dunedin 1
1-8 1C, 2C, 3C reels of 3 on the sides, 1C dancing in and down to begin
9-16 1C lead down for 2 steps, lead up for 2 steps, 1C cast to 2nd place (2C step up),1C turn RH 3/4 to finish taking LH with 1st corners
17-24 1C & 1st corners balance in line (2 bars). 1C turn RH 3/4 to give LH to 2nd corners (2 bars) and balance in line (2 bars). 1C turn to own sides 2nd place (2 bars).
25-32 2C, 1C, 3C set and cross RH, repeat back to own sides


Aird of Coigach

48 J 4C Imperial 3
Last sentence in bars 21-32 corrected 19Feb02.
1-8 All men dance across the set, pass partner by RS and chase 4M behind the women, across the bottom of set, and up on men's side (The 4 men finish in reverse order)
9-16 All 4 couples 8 Hands Round & Back finishing in a square set. Retain this formation until Bar 40.
17-20 1C take nearer hands with the person on their left (2W & 2M). Dance diagonally across the square to change places. Women dance under men's arch. The four dancers dance to opposite places then cast out and back into that position in the circle. (1W & 2W cast away from each other and 1M & 2M cast away from each other.)
21-32 1C repeat bars 17-20 with 3C across the set, then with 4C diagonally, then with 2C up and down the set. 1M and the person he is dancing with always make the arch. 1W and the person she is dancing with always go under the arch. Finish back in square set with 1M facing 2W (at the top) and 1W facing 2M (at the bottom) ready for snowball grand chain
33-40 Snowball grand chain:
bars 1-2: Dancers at the top and bottom change places RH (1W with 2M and 1M with 2W)
bars 3-4: 3C & 4C join by changing places LH with the dancer coming towards them.
bars 5-8: All continue the chain for another two places to end in a longwise set. All finish on own sides, men in the order 2M, 3M, 4M, 1M, women in the order 1W, 4W, 3W, 2W.
41-48 All women dance across the set, pass partner by RS and chase 1W up behind men, across the top of set, and down on women's side to finish opposite their partner

Sauchie Haugh

32 S 2C RSCDS Leaflet
1-8 1C lead down middle and up to finish facing down the set, 2C step in to face 1C
9-16 1C & 2C dance rondel (casting into place on bar 16 ready for)
17-24 2W with 1W and 2M with1M advance one step, retire one step (with nearer hands joined) then turn partner BH once round and merge into 4 hands round to places on own sides. (2C at top, 1C in 2nd place)
25-32 2C & 1C dance diamond poussette.

Irish Rover

32 R 3C Cosh
1-4 1C dance down between 3C and cast up to 2nd place (this is fast).
5-8 RH across, 1W with 2C, 1M with 3C (i.e. lady up, man down). 1C end facing 1st corners..
9-12 1C half reel of 4 with 1st corners
13-16 1C half reel of 4 with 2nd corners, 1C give LH at the end to turn 1W up and 1M down ready for
17-24 Reels of 3 across, 1W with couple at the top (3C), 1M with couple at the bottom (2C). 1C give LS to the person in their 1st corner's position to begin (i.e. dance out the ends). 1C finish in 2nd place on own sides.
25-32 Diagonal rights & lefts (1C change places w/1st corner position to begin).

The Hunting Horn

32 J 3C McBryde/Scottish Dance Archives
1-8 1C cast off, cross RH, cast off again, and dance up to finish back to back in the middle facing opposite sides
9-16 Double triangles. 1C finish facing 2nd corners.
17-24 1C & 2nd corners diagonal reel of 4. 1C pass LS to face 1st corners
25-32 1C & 1st corners diagonal reel of 4. 1C finish in 2nd place facing out, ready to start again by casting.

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